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I love to attend photographic seminars to gain new insights and learn more about the craft that fills my passion. I’m signed up for one with Scott Kelby on May 12 in San Diego. He’s a pretty gifted photographer and Photoshop guru, and I remember the last class I took from him in which he gave me some really good pointers.

One was: if you photograph a beautiful subject, you are starting on third base.

I had the pleasure of photographing a young woman last week for her college graduation announcements (she is also an Aztec). But I have also known her since she was a very young girl, as she’s one of my niece’s best friends. I had so much fun with her and her mother as we started shooting on campus, then headed east to the mountains, where she was raised. These two are so much fun and just pleasant people to be around.

I loved photographing Kelsie because she is so nice, but also, because she is so beautiful. I was able to capture some images that pleased her and her mom (and even me) because of her natural beauty. With Kelsie, I started on third base. She made my job easy by being blessed with great genetics. But her true beauty is in her lovely and kind soul.


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from SDSU, Kelsie Rae. In a little over three weeks you’ll be an Aztec alum. I’m proud of your accomplishments, but mostly I am proud of the young woman you have become.



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Sometimes I think I would like to live the life of Moose Peterson (, a world-renowned wildlife photographer. The man has more patience than most humans, plus some super huge lenses. I admire his work immensely. I don’t think I could spend hours in a cold, damp place just waiting for that elusive shot he manages to capture over and over. His work is not as luxurious as some might imagine; he braves the elements and takes risks to get the images he captures. But he creates the most amazing photos on the planet.

Today I captured a hawk (with my camera, of course). The hawk came to my backyard, so it was the lazy person’s wildlife adventure. I’m still trying to perfect my animal shots, and have a long way to go. Just as trying to photograph dogs in silly holiday costumes, shooting wild animals requires much patience, luck, fast equipment, long lenses and exacting talent.

I will never be Moose Peterson, but I will continue to shoot as often as I can and continue to learn and grow in my photography. As Moose said in one of his books, “great photography is a lifetime in the making.” I know that’s true.

The real joy in photographing animals is the quiet moments of interaction with nature. It’s a sacred connection to mother nature.

I love watching nature. It makes you realize that families, regardless of species (and ethnicity, race and national origin), live to ensure that the next generation survives and thrives. We truly are one.

We have a few bird houses and bird feeders here in Descanso because we enjoy watching the bird families. There is one bird house that the same type of bird returns to every year. Not sure if it is the progeny of the previous birds, or the original birds themselves, but it’s a joy to watch them build their nests inside, tend to it, lay their eggs, then raise their young.

I’m attaching a few photos from tonight’s activity. For the youngsters in my life who would rather paint downtown red (I was there once), this is what happens when you age. Suddenly the best Friday night is sitting on the patio watching mommy and daddy bird bring worms, grasshoppers and mosquito wasps to their babies. Yeah, I’m old and a nerd. And happy to be so.

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