I wonder how many people still order prints to make old fashioned photo albums? Or scrapbooks?

And how many of you order photobooks instead? Or do most of you leave your photos as digital images out there in the virtual world? With Instagram, iPhone photos, and everything digital, my guess is that the vast majority of photos remain virtual images. Am I wrong?

I love photobooks. Besides vacations and special events, I make an annual yearbook. Part of this is to capture memories and tell the story of that year. I usually have this done by the second week in January, but creating the 2013 yearbook took me longer.

As time goes by, the details on those memories fade, so having a hard copy book brings back those details. BTW, I always wait until there is a sale on the books, usually 50%. Never pay retail! Here is a link to bore all of you with, but I hope it inspires someone to create a tangible documentation of your memories:

2013 Yearbook