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I love to attend photographic seminars to gain new insights and learn more about the craft that fills my passion. I’m signed up for one with Scott Kelby on May 12 in San Diego. He’s a pretty gifted photographer and Photoshop guru, and I remember the last class I took from him in which he gave me some really good pointers.

One was: if you photograph a beautiful subject, you are starting on third base.

I had the pleasure of photographing a young woman last week for her college graduation announcements (she is also an Aztec). But I have also known her since she was a very young girl, as she’s one of my niece’s best friends. I had so much fun with her and her mother as we started shooting on campus, then headed east to the mountains, where she was raised. These two are so much fun and just pleasant people to be around.

I loved photographing Kelsie because she is so nice, but also, because she is so beautiful. I was able to capture some images that pleased her and her mom (and even me) because of her natural beauty. With Kelsie, I started on third base. She made my job easy by being blessed with great genetics. But her true beauty is in her lovely and kind soul.


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from SDSU, Kelsie Rae. In a little over three weeks you’ll be an Aztec alum. I’m proud of your accomplishments, but mostly I am proud of the young woman you have become.




Who would have thought there would be two relatively stress-free weddings in a row? I sincerely hope this is a trend away from the over-the-top, expensive “events” that have been part of the last couple of decades. I like the idea of having fun, casual, friendly weddings that don’t send the couple (or their parents) into debt.

On October 12, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a young woman I have known since she was four years old. She was my niece’s first BFF when they were preschool age. Now these two are both lovely young women embarking on different but awesome paths in their lives.


This particular wedding was held on a Monday. Many may ask why? It turns out it was the fourth anniversary of the couple, Ashley and Ryan, declaring their love for each other, next to Lifeguard Tower #9 in Huntington Beach. So both the date and location had symbolism: the ceremony was held next to Lifeguard Tower #9 in the late afternoon, providing some great sunset shots.


What kept it stress free, from my perspective, was simplicity. They kept the ceremony about the marriage, enlisting family and close friends for the details. They weren’t trying to make it an over-the-top event, but a simple declaration of their love and commitment to each other.

IMG_3220IMG_2988 B&W

I really hope this is a trend away from elaborate weddings. Or maybe I’m just lucky in connecting with couples like this. I like it.

Cheers to Ashley and Ryan! I wish you many decades of happiness together.     IMG_3105

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