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I have said this before, but I will say it again – I love finding out about the machinations of what is happening in my little hometown of Descanso. Now that I am retired from a 9-5 job and I am currently freelancing, I learn more about my community each week.

My latest piece in East County Magazine is about the water issues in our little community.

Uranium in Descanso Water

Water is HUGE in California, but especially in communities like my own, which are dependent on groundwater. Most of San Diego imports water from elsewhere, but we must rely on what Mother Nature provides. We are facing the worst drought in my lifetime.

The above article is on the quality issues; we are facing some high levels of uranium. But quantity is also a major issue that must be addressed.

Steve and I are longtime bottle water users for our personal use. Not just drinking, but making ice cubes, tea and coffee. Still, we brush our teeth in the local water, bathe in it (which they say is not an issue), and water our vegetables and hydrate our pets with the local water.

There is a sidebar in the article about some of the lack of record availability with our water district: (Public Records Request). The intrigue never ends in a small town.

I will continue to find out more about what I consider to be one of the most important issues facing us today.





If I had my druthers, I would never choose a large McMansion in which to live. My first choice would be a storybook cottage.

I think it’s the Hobbit in me. I love hobbit and fairytale cottages. This article appealed to me.




Just posted my latest in East County Magazine on the forward movement of Alpine becoming a K-12 district, bypassing the Grossmont Unified High School District (GUHSD).

It seems obvious to me that the GUHSD has misused funds intended for an Alpine High School. The other side of the coin is that the Alpine Union School District has some pretty serious financial woes. So, my friends, what is the answer?

It is truly sad what has become of California’s educational system. We used to be top grade (a million years ago when I was young). As the state with some of the most wealth, we have forsaken our educational system. Having been on the inside, I see both sides of the debate. It’s become too top heavy, too administrative, too full of bullshit. And on the other side, too many people depending on hand outs, parents out of control, litigious. Lost in the shuffle is the education of our kids.

I’m interested in YOUR opinion. What can we do to bring California education back to the top? It is our future, and damn, we are in a sorry state right now.



I wonder how many people still order prints to make old fashioned photo albums? Or scrapbooks?

And how many of you order photobooks instead? Or do most of you leave your photos as digital images out there in the virtual world? With Instagram, iPhone photos, and everything digital, my guess is that the vast majority of photos remain virtual images. Am I wrong?

I love photobooks. Besides vacations and special events, I make an annual yearbook. Part of this is to capture memories and tell the story of that year. I usually have this done by the second week in January, but creating the 2013 yearbook took me longer.

As time goes by, the details on those memories fade, so having a hard copy book brings back those details. BTW, I always wait until there is a sale on the books, usually 50%. Never pay retail! Here is a link to bore all of you with, but I hope it inspires someone to create a tangible documentation of your memories:

2013 Yearbook

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