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Many of you are professional writers, but I have many friends who I would classify as personal writers. You have a strong voice, it gives you therapy, and you are damn good at it.

For those of you who live to write, or write to live, I think you’ll enjoy this Q&A with Dani Shapiro. I’m adding her book to my wishlist on Amazon (the holidays are coming up, aren’t they?) Let me know what you think of Dani’s interview.

Wall of windows at night

Wall of windows at night


I saw this couple’s funky cabin design on Houzz and am intrigued with this idea. We have a funky garage/shed outbuilding that I use for jewelry making and other projects, along with storage. I desperately want more natural light. I thought about removing the garage door (we’ve never parked a car in it) and putting in glass french doors. However, seeing this makes me realize I could use reclaimed windows. Click on the image below to see the full Houzz article. What do you think? Too funky/rustic, or a fabulous idea?

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