SDSU campus, Fiona, dog

Fiona visits SDSU

It is now official.

After an adult lifetime of working since I was 17 years old, including 15 years at San Diego State, I have put in for retirement from my job at SDSU. That’s a total of 40 years in the workforce. I need a little break.

For those of you who are professional contacts/colleagues and may be interested in my current job as the Director of Communications Services, check out the job listing at:

SDSU has been, without a doubt, the best job I’ve had. Each job I’ve held has brought me many things – from great people who became friends, to new skills learned, or some important life lessons.  Some jobs have been more challenging (i.e., dysfunctional) than others, but they brought something I could hold on to.

SDSU gave me a chance to apply my skills in communications to my passion for education. As a first-generation college student, I am a personal testament of how education can change one’s path in life and bring opportunities that weren’t considered before. Plus I met some pretty amazing people on campus.

I have illustrated this post with Fiona, my old lady dog, visiting campus, but I have to warn potential applicants that bringing your dog to work is not a normal, daily routine. When you do, bring your doggie poop baggies. We have a beautiful, well maintained campus.

Email me with any questions about this position.

For me, it will be a semi-retirement. I plan to take off the months of July and August for some travel and household projects. And just a little bit of some plain, damn fun.

I will launch my freelance business in mid-September. But not before spending a weekday at the zoo or the park or lunch with a friend. You might find me hiking around the Cuyamacas or some other trail. I like the idea of actually taking the time to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.  Plus spending time with people I care about and, of course, my dogs. I must get that Augie Doggie to get over his anxieties and become a pack lieutenant.