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Hate speech, freedom of speech

Hate Man Harassing SDSU Students


SDSU has designated areas for free speech. As a journalism major, I would argue there is nothing greater our Constitution guarantees.

But what happens when it turns into harassment? Where do we draw the line? When is it considered hate speech?

Case in point: we have this extreme fundamentalist who has been coming to campus since I’ve been there, and maybe years before. He screams at our students. He calls them names, such as sluts, idiots, sodomites, etc. He tells them they are all going to burn in the lake of hell.

Most students laugh at him as this crazy guy. But some students are truly bothered by him and feel harassed and threatened.

How do we handle this guy without going down that slippery slope of outlawing speech we don’t like, or in fact, deplore? How do we handle the Westboro Baptist Church? Should we even try?

I am interested in your opinions.

SDSU campus, Fiona, dog

Fiona visits SDSU

It is now official.

After an adult lifetime of working since I was 17 years old, including 15 years at San Diego State, I have put in for retirement from my job at SDSU. That’s a total of 40 years in the workforce. I need a little break.

For those of you who are professional contacts/colleagues and may be interested in my current job as the Director of Communications Services, check out the job listing at:

SDSU has been, without a doubt, the best job I’ve had. Each job I’ve held has brought me many things – from great people who became friends, to new skills learned, or some important life lessons.  Some jobs have been more challenging (i.e., dysfunctional) than others, but they brought something I could hold on to.

SDSU gave me a chance to apply my skills in communications to my passion for education. As a first-generation college student, I am a personal testament of how education can change one’s path in life and bring opportunities that weren’t considered before. Plus I met some pretty amazing people on campus.

I have illustrated this post with Fiona, my old lady dog, visiting campus, but I have to warn potential applicants that bringing your dog to work is not a normal, daily routine. When you do, bring your doggie poop baggies. We have a beautiful, well maintained campus.

Email me with any questions about this position.

For me, it will be a semi-retirement. I plan to take off the months of July and August for some travel and household projects. And just a little bit of some plain, damn fun.

I will launch my freelance business in mid-September. But not before spending a weekday at the zoo or the park or lunch with a friend. You might find me hiking around the Cuyamacas or some other trail. I like the idea of actually taking the time to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.  Plus spending time with people I care about and, of course, my dogs. I must get that Augie Doggie to get over his anxieties and become a pack lieutenant.

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